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One day, standing in my kitchen unpacking groceries & stuffing plastic bag after plastic bag into a cabinet already overflowing with them, I thought: This is insane, plastic is overtaking my life! Even when reused, I still have too many bags…there has to be a better solution! 

Around the same time, I had also become increasingly aware of how plastic harms the environment. Finding out sea turtles may suffer when they mistake my discarded plastic bag for a jelly fish, didn’t exactly rest easy on my conscience either… 

My realization that the flip side of our need for disposable convenience may be detrimental for our planet eventually led me to pack groceries in more eco-friendly reusable bags. This also helped my kitchen cabinet become less cluttered. 

But reusable doesn’t necessarily mean functional: fruits & veggies spilled out if the bags tipped over; boxed items wouldn’t fit; soft items were squished and eggs occasionally broke. And then of course, I always had to rush home so frozen food wouldn’t melt! 

With my interest in industrial design & encouragement from my family, I decided to take matters into my own hands. My thought was to design an eco-friendly bag that makes shopping for everyone a little easier, maybe even fun! 

The result is a reusable shopping bag that mixes smart design with style: Kerribag! 

Deniz Oktar-Giray, Founder/CEO 


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