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  • How to clean your Kerribag
    It is unavoidable that eventually your Kerribags will get stained. The good news is that they are easily cleaned by wiping the stains off with a mild spray cleaner and a cloth. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • We can reverse the plastic pollution!
    Disposable plastic consumption is coming back at us. Not only are our bodies contaminated with chemicals like BPA, the oceans and fish we eat are full of plastics... Don't think that the single plastic straw or disposable bag you consume won't make a difference. Switch to reusable items and be proud to be part of the coalition!
  • How to bring back home pumpkins safely?
    Have you ever put a pumpkin in your trunk and it rolled around? Here is a great way to transport your pumpkins: use Kerribag Yummy Stuff- the best reusable shopping bags!
  • Green gift wraping idea
    The holiday season is approaching and there will be lots of gifts, all wrapped in pretty paper that will be ripped off and trashed after the presents are unwrapped. So I have decided to use reusable fabrics with cute holiday themed prints as gift wrapping. I have purchased various designs of fabrics and a ribbon with a natural look. What better gift idea then a Kerribag? The new "Cool Stuff" Kerribags make perfect holiday gifts. Be it for a family member, for a friend or as a hostess gift, not only will they think of you every time they go shopping, they will also help the environment by using less plastic and paper.
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